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The orthopedic team of doctors and surgeons at Brooklyn Premier Orthopedic are dedicated to providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for your body.

Over 85% of orthopedic disorders and injuries are treated with non-surgical methods. Our team of doctors and specialist are dedicated to treating pain and injuries in an effective and efficient manner.

Sprains, strains, minor tears, inflammation, swelling, numbness and tingling are typically symptoms of disorders that can be treated using conservative methods and techniques. Physical therapy, rest, changes in activity, heat, ice, exercise and injections are examples of non-surgical treatments our specialist may employ.

If conservative treatment methods have been exhausted or based on the severity of an injury, we have a team of surgeons  experienced in minimally-invasive surgical procedures. The benefits of minimally invasive procedures includes smaller incisions, less pain, less hospital time, less recovery time and trauma.

Arthroscopic surgery can be used to treat a number of injuries as well as diagnose conditions such as severe joint or ligament damage.

Open surgery is less common, but it may be required to treat complex disorders and injuries.

Non-Surgical & Surgical Services

If you are seeking an individualized approach to orthopedic care, contact Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics to schedule an appointment. Our specialist are committed to providing unsurpassed medical care to you and your family.

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