Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy)is a non-invasive, regenerative treatment that uses the patient’s own blood cells to promote or accelerate healing.

PRP therapy may be an effective treatment option for patients who are trying to delay or avoid a surgical procedure. PRP may also be used to help accelerate recovery after a surgical procedure.

PRP is most commonly used to treat areas of the body that have a poor blood supply to enhance healing. Tendons, ligaments and cartilage have a poor blood supply. As a result, these tissues heal slowly when injured and in some cases, healing may be incomplete.

The objective of PRP therapy is to reduce pain and improve functionality. Since the procedure involves a patient’s own blood, the risk and side effects are minimal.

PRP Therapy Procedure

PRP Injection Therapy involves the following steps:

  1. A doctor will draw blood from the patient.
  2. The drawn blood is spun down in a centrifuge, which separates the platelets, plasma and red blood cells.
  3. The platelet rich portion of the drawn blood is extracted.
  4. A local anesthetic (numbing agent) is injected into the injured area.
  5. Once the area is numbed, Platelet Rich Plasma is injected in to the area.
  6. Visual guidance (ultrasound or fluoroscope) is used for both injections.

The procedure takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Common Conditions Treated

Patients with the following orthopedic conditions may consider using PRP therapy as part of a conservative treatment program:

PRP therapy can be done as a one time injection or a series of injections. Patients who have PRP therapy will often start physical therapy soon afterward.

An orthopedist will discuss a patients treatment options and expectations after fully evaluating their medical history and current condition.

PRP Therapy in Brooklyn

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If you are interested in PRP Therapy or other regenerative treatments, our specialist can determine if you are a candidate after evaluating your medical history and evaluating your condition or disorder.

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