Amniotic Fluid Injections

Amniotic stem cells are also used to aid in the repair of bone fractures, arthritis, and other conditions affecting the foot and ankle. The treatment is performed by injecting the afflicted area. For cases where there is a severe break, the injection will occur over a period of time.

The difference in stem cell treatment versus the traditional treatment with cortisone shots is that stem cell therapy treats the root cause of the condition, seeking to change the course of the condition and create healing. Cortisone shots only lessen the pain and do not have the ability to change the course of the actual condition.

The amniotic stem cell therapy can help patients avoid surgery and obtain pain relief with Achilles tendonitis, ankle arthritis, difficult to heal wounds, plantar fasciitis and more. The results of this treatment are amazing. In most cases, within two weeks there is a marked improvement in skin condition.

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