Hallux Limitus


Hallux Limitus is a disorder of the the big toe (hallux) where the joint of the big toe has limited flexibility. A lack of flexibility in the big toe joint can cause pain when walking.

This condition usually starts outs slowly and get worse over time. While pain and a callus in the bottom of the big toe are the most common symptoms, other symptoms may develop over time as the condition worsens.

The condition can progress into Hallux Rigidus, where the toe is totally rigid and inflexible. Bone spurs and arthritis can also develop, causing severe pain as well as numbness and tingling.

Early treatment for pain in big toe joint is strongly recommended to prevent further damage to the joint and prevent or postpone the need for a surgical procedure.

Hallux Limitus Causes & Risk Factors

This condition is usually caused by an abnormal big toe joint, which may run in the family. A metatarsal bone that is elevated or too long can prevent the joint from working properly. An abnormal alignment can cause the joint to jam.

Hallux Limitus can also be caused or is more likely to occur as the result of:

Injury or Trauma – a broken or sprained toe
Overuse – repeated pressure on the toes as a result of an activity (dancing, running, etc.)
High Heels – heels or poor fitting footwear that place aditional stress on the front of the foot

Hallux Limitus Treatment

Treatment will depend on the results of a physical exam and x-rays.

A podiatrist will typically recommend anti-inflammatory medications to treat your pain. Orthotics may also be recommended to to stop or slow down the deterioration of the joint. Physical therapy and cortisone injections are also potential treatment options. Most patients will be able to reduce pain using these non-operative treatments.

If non-operative treatments fail to reduce pain or the joint is frozen or has deteriorated significantly, minimally invasive surgery may be recommended or even required to remove bone spurs, repair or replace a severely damaged arthritic big toe joint.

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Early treatment for foot conditions, especially for diabetic patients is highly recommended.

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