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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery is used for the treatment of various disc herniations, degenerative disc disease and fusion surgery to address spinal trauma. At the Center for Spinal Disorders, among our other minimally invasive procedures, we specialize in lumbar endoscopic discectomy and endoscopic lumbar fusion.

The key to endoscopic surgery is that while it utilizes the same techniques in principle as the same surgery done as an open procedure, the access is much different.

Minimally invasive techniques involve the use of small incisions done with the assistance of an endoscope, an instrument inserted directly into the body part to be examined and treated.

An endoscope is a medical device which consists of a long, thin, either flexible or rigid tube which has a light and a video camera. Images within the patient’s body acquired by the endoscope are reflected onto a screen, which records them as well for the future use of the surgeon.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery using an endoscope may have advantages over traditional open surgery to include smaller incisions, shorter hospital stay, reduced postoperative pain, less blood loss, shorter recovery and reduced risk of infection.


The Center for Spinal Disorders is composed of an array of physicians dedicated towards the treatment of your spinal pathology. The center is headed by Dr. Jonathan Lewin, M.D.a board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon with over 10 years of experience in spinal surgery ranging from minimally invasive techniques, to more traditional spinal surgeries, as well as the latest endoscopic techniques. Dr. Lewin is one of the few doctors in the states of New York and New Jersey who is experienced in performing Endoscopic Fusion Surgery.


Daniel came to Dr. Lewin after experiencing severe back pain resulting from an accident. In the video below, Daniel shares his surgery experience at the Center for Spinal Disorders.

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