Custom Made Orthotics

Custom orthotics are prescribed by a doctor. They can be part of a treatment plan meant to prevent or treat injuries.

Custom orthotics that were designed to control abnormal motion are used reduce or alleviate pain or stabilize a joint.

Prescribed orthotics can also be designed to provide additional cushioning and support to provide comfort to a diabetic or older patient who is having pain or discomfort issues that don’t need to be addressed bio mechanically.

If your orthopedic doctor or podiatrist determines that your are experiencing pain or other issues due to foot alignment, custom orthotics may be used to help reduce pain that is occurring in the foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back.

Patients with specific foot disorders like arch pain, bunions, severely flat foot, hammer toe or plantar fasciitis may be prescribed custom orthotics to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Our podiatrist can create a three dimension image of your feet. Those images and measurements are used to create foot supports that address foot misalignment and imbalance issues.

The highly experienced and skilled podiatrist at Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics are also foot and ankle surgeons. They diagnose, evaluate and treat a full range of foot, ankle and toe issues.

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